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If you want to take care of your hands and feet, use cosmetic pumice, quartz pumice or brushes with pumice.

If you want to clean a grill grate easily and properly, use our special grill cleaning blocks.

If you want to insulate a new building, our cellular glass plates are perfect for it.

Cosmetic pumice

Cosmetic pumice – for the purpose of environment protection, it is made of polyurethane foam which is CFC-free, and provides delicate care for your hands.

Quartz pumice

Quartz pumice, the so-called cellular glass; its coarse-grained, hard structure makes it possible to remove calloused epidermis from feet and stubborn dirt from various objects. 

Pumice inserts for hand brushes

We offer pumice inserts for hand brushes in five colours - white, yellow, green, blue and pink. Inserts made of quatrz pumice are white.

Cellular glass plates

We are also offering 50 and 100 mm thick white cellular glass plates.